MIRINDA fun facts! – All you need to know about CAPE TOWN

11th May, 2017

Hello friends!

On our way to Knsyna, we were remembering some fun facts about Cape Town.. Thought will share a few with you to make your trip a better experience…

MIRINDA fun facts! – CAPE TOWN

  • As per the locals, Gardens area of Capetown one of the safest area in South Africa – so walking back late at night after a few drinks is completely doable!
  • Coming from India, we were little circumspect about our palate not being used to the South African taste, but we loved the food throughout our trip.
  • We were pleasantly surprised at the cost of meals throughout our trips. A full lunch/dinner with a few drinks and dessert would cost somewhere around 300-500 ZAR per couple (even at the best of restaurants) – and that is quite cheap if you compare it to any decent lunch outing in Mumbai. Especially the alcoholic drinks throughout the trip – we found them to be very cheap (a pint of beer would be somewhere 20-40 ZAR) and at some places they were even cheaper than a bottle of water.   
  • The best three estates of Stellenbosch – Delaire Graff, Tokara & Thelema are located less than a kilometer away, so it can be managed in a day.
  • The Table Mountain hosts abundant flora and fauna… It forms a part of Table Mountain National Park. We were lucky to see plants such as Silver trees, king Protea & species such as Dassies, black striped lizards and baboons.
  • Lot of people carry a bottle of champagne/wine along with a few snacks to enjoy it amidst the breathtaking views of The Table Mountain
  • Some areas between Boulders Bay and Cape Point are home to African Baboons. So keep an eye out for them – if you are lucky, you might be able to spot a few enroute Cape Point.
  • The nature reserve provides accommodations for overnight trails which is very famous amongst tourists. One can save an uphill walk from the Cape Point car park by using the Flying Dutchman funicular ride to see the old lighthouse and enjoy the panoramic views.
  • The Roundhouse at Signal Hill is very popular for its cocktails. Sangria & Mojito are the two house favorites.

Hope this helps!

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