MIRINDA fun facts! – All you need to know about Knysna

1st June, 2017

Hello friends!

On our way to Kruger, we were remembering some fun facts about Knysna.. Thought will share a few with you to make your trip a better experience…

MIRINDA fun facts! – KNYSNA

  •  It takes about 45 mins to reach the highway from the Gardens Area, Cape Town.  Once you reached the highway, the road is quite straightforward. Just plug in the car GPS or use the google maps, both of them are very accurate.
  • Knysna is located approximately 500 kms from Cape Town. While the drive would take much longer than the flight, we strongly recommend driving to Knysna via the Garden Route. The entire route is covered with abundant natural beauty.
  • If you are feeling hungry, need to take a bathroom break, or are out of fuel, don’t worry as there are plenty of pit stops and gas stations along the way.
  • From July to November, whale spotting is quite common from the Alexander Guest House. Just before we arrived, there was a small pack of dolphins which the other guests spotted from the hotel deck.
  • In Knysna, most places shut by 11 pm. So make sure you plan your dinner early. Also, it does not have an Uber service and local taxis are very scarce. Further, driving back to the hotel after having alcoholic drinks is strictly not advisable. We strongly recommend that you do a prior check with your hotel about the transportation service.
  • A lot of people like to spend one night at Oudtshoorn. The town is very similar to Knysna in terms of the look and feel. Plus, it also has a good mix of hotels and restaurants.
  • Two types of tours are available for the Cango Caves. While we selected the 60 minutes Heritage tour, there is also an option of doing a 90 minutes Adventure tour which is opted by many hardcore adventure enthusiasts. The tours commence every hour from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. So don’t worry if you a miss a particular hour. As long as you are there within the operational timings, you won’t miss out on the Cango Caves.
  • For a long time the Cango Caves were used as a concert hall hosting different musicians. However, given its historical significance, concerts are now banned inside the caves. To showcase the acoustical capabilities of the caves, the guide sings “Shosholoza” (a very popular African song) while playing drums on the limestones rocks. The voice travels through the caves and hits a lovely note which was very soothing to the ears.
  • There a number of Ostrich Farms in Oudtshoorn which are open to public. We chose Highgate as it is more renowned and had great reviews. Make sure which ever farm you select, it covers all aspects of the tour and has good reviews. We advise you to call the farms prior to visiting them for confirmation of timings. Most farms close by 4:00 pm.
  • The tour fees were R100 per person where one could even opt for a tour with lunch which was R175 per person. We opted for the tour only as we had heard okish reviews about the lunch.
  • Plettenberg Bay is famous for its skydiving experience too.  One can combine the bungy and sky diving on the same day. By making prior bookings for them, both activities can be completed in about 3-4 hours.
  • The bungee jump is organized & operated by Face Adrenalin. They are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – 365 days. The charge per person for the jump was around R950 plus another R450 for the photographs and video (purchasing which was optional, but I am sure you would want a memory of it!).
  • One can view the jumps from the bridge for a nominal fee of R100 and then make up their mind for jumping.
  • Face Adrenalin volunteers show the photos & videos on a big t.v. screen for one to view & enjoy the photos and videos before paying for them. They also have a souvenir shop where you can buy the Bungee rope, t-shirts, etc.
  • The Knysna Waterfront is also extremely popular for its many restaurants. These include take-away and family-friendly joints, but also comprise of classy venues for delicious culinary creations. Due to Knysna’s excellent positioning, fresh seafood is readily available, and can be enjoyed while sipping on a fabulous South African wine and enjoying the breath-taking views of the serene lagoon water.

Hope this helps!

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