MIRINDA fun facts! – All you need to know about Sabi Sands Game Reserve, Kruger

10th July, 2017

Hello friends!

On our way to Johannesburg, we were remembering some fun facts about Sabi Sands Game Reserve, Kruger.. Thought will share a few with you to make your trip a better experience…


  • Most lodges in the private game reserves in Kruger are on an “All-inclusive basis”, which means that the price is inclusive of game drives, breakfast, lunch, dinner and selected alcoholic spirits.
  • All the rangers of the Safari lodge have a joint meeting before every safari, detailing out the reported sightings in the area and preferred path for each vehicle as per their respective guests choices.
  • With wild dogs listed as endangered, all alpha dogs have of the respective packs are marked with collars. It serves as a method of tracking them and conserving them.
  • The trekkers and rangers do a good job of finding ideal spots for toilet during safaris. They do a quick scan of the area to check there is nothing dangerous around, and then the guests can let them loose in the open jungle.
  • There are two types of Rhinos in Africa – The White Rhino and the Black Rhino. Don’t let the name fool you, rhinos are grey in colour, not black or white as their names suggest. Both species look similar to one another, but the major difference is the shape of their mouths. Black rhinos developed a pointed lip which they use to pick fruit from branches and select leaves from twigs; white rhinos have a flat, wide lip to graze on grasses. Although they are nearing extinction, Black Rhinos are often spotted in Ngorongoro Crater or the Serengeti.
  • The Marula fruit, which is the favorite of the elephants, grows on the Marula trees. Elephants are not always able to digest the fruits and some fruits are execrated by them. Joel found out an elephant dung and plucked out a wholly maintained Marula fruit from it. He used a rock to break it open and inside it were small almond like nuts.They are a rich source of proteins to the animals. In fact, the same Marula fruit found in the elephants dung work as seed for the fresh Marula trees. This is an amusing way of elephants repaying back to the jungle for feeding on the Marula Trees.
  • Although Hippo seems like a cute animal, they are highly dangerous. In fact, hippos are known to kill approx. 2500-3000 people every year in Africa, which is more than by any other predator.
  • Hyenas are known to follow predators such as lions, leopards and wild dogs frequently. They are extremely smart at irritating and scavenging the kill of other predators.
  • The staff at Kirksman’s Kamp, Sabi Sands follows a very interesting leave cycle. It is 6 weeks of work and then 2 weeks off. The management had organized the entire staff into different clusters. So the shift keeps on rotating.
  • Many of you might have noticed an Oxpecker bird on the Rhino back. Oxpeckers eat the ticks on the skin of the Rhinos. This appears to be a useful symbiotic relationship. The birds find food, and the rhinos are relieved from tick infestations.  However, the relationship is not quite as mutually beneficial as it seems when you see rhinos and other animals with a row of Oxpeckers sitting on their backs and heads.  The birds seem to prefer ticks that are already engorged with blood, i.e. ticks that have already bitten the animal, and the birds have a liking for blood, and will peck at any unhealed wounds on the rhino’s skin.  This makes the wounds slower to heal.
  • The typical duration of the Leopard pregnancy longs about 3 months. The female leopard gives birth to 3 to 5 little leopards, which begin to see after 10 days. The little ones learn from their mother how to swim, to climb, to hunt and how to protect themselves from other predators. The mother takes care of her cubs until they become 2-3 years old, after that they are on their own.
  • The in-house shop at Kirksman’s Kamp had a good collection of souvenirs ranging from clothes, hats, posters, soft toys, animal sculptures etc. With reference to the tipping guidelines, Kirksman’s Kamp has an in-house guide book which is provided to each guest on arrival. It clearly lays down the suggested tipping for the ranger, tracker, butler and other in house staff.

Hope this helps!

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