MIRINDA fun facts! – All you need to know about Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

24th December, 2017

Hello friends!

On our way to Jaipur, we were remembering some fun facts about Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.. Thought will share a few with you to make your trip a better experience…


  • There are 2 vehicles allowed in the national park. 1. Gypsy, which could accommodate 6 passengers along with one Guide and the driver. 2. Canter, which is a cheaper way which carries around 25 people. We would not recommend going in a canter as it dilutes the safari experience. As there are too many people in one Canter so it is difficult to get a good view. Plus the diesel engine of the Canter makes a lot of noise scaring away the animals.


  • While selecting a car for safari, you have an option to either share it with other passengers or choose an exclusive vehicle. Each car accommodates a maximum of 6 people. If you are lesser than 6 people and you are choosing an exclusive vehicle, you will have to bear the cost of the other vacant passengers. While we recommend choosing an exclusive vehicle, the cost aspect is entirely subjective. The benefits of riding in an exclusive vehicle is that it saves time by not collecting passengers from other hotels and also there is no difference of opinion as to what each member wants to see. We had chosen exclusive vehicle throughout our 5 safaris.


  • The Bengal tiger, also known as the Royal Bengal Tiger or the Indian tiger, is the subspecies with the largest population. It is the national animal of India, where its image is part of the traditions and the culture. The largest populations of Bengal tigers are in India, but there are some smaller groups in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. It may also be present in areas of China and Burma. Bengal tiger habitats usually are tropical rainforests, marshes, and tall grasses. Like most cats, tiger is a solitary animal that rests in the shade during the day and hunts at dusk or dawn. The female gives birth to 1 to 4 cubs in a place between the vegetation or in caves or crevices and begins to breastfeed them during 3-6 months after birth. At an age between 5 and six months, they start learning how to hunt, and at the age of 2 or 3 years, they begin their solitary life.


  • The best part about Dev Villas – the boutique luxury hotel that we stayed in; was that they would ask the guests their food and meat preferences beforehand and cook as per their choice and taste. We got to taste delicious Rajasthani dishes like Laal Maas, Ker Sangari, Dal Bati Churma along with their continental and Italian specials.


  • Arrowhead aka Machli Junior is the current show stopper of Ranthambore is surely living up to her name quite literally. Popularly known as Machli Junior or M3 due to similar fork like markings on her forehead as her grandmother Machli aka T16, this young female is current favourite of all Ranthambore visitors. Bold & confident like other female members of her clan this young female started showing signs of independence at a very early age as she made her first kill at a very early age without help of anyone & decided not to share it with any of the siblings.


  • Zone 6-10 were added later to the sanctuary and access to these zones is at exact opposite end as that of from 1-5. To enter these zones the gypsies and canters go through the old city.


Hope this helps!

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