MIRINDA fun facts! – All you need to know about London & Oxford

Hello friends!

On our way back home, we were remembering some fun facts about London.. Thought will share a few with you to make your trip a better experience…


  • Once a month the National History Museum opens late for the night. Music plays in the main hall, drinks are served, extra talks and events are held, and the atmosphere in general is great. We thoroughly recommend the event to anyone visiting London at that particular time.

  • The Egyptian Book Of The Dead went on display at the British Museum in 2010. Containing a collection of ‘spells’ thought to guide the dead through the dangers of the afterlife, the collection is over 3,000 years old.

  • There are lots of fun events which take place inside the Borough Market. We highly recommend you go through the event calendar before visiting the market so that you don’t miss out all the fun things to do . You can visit the following link for all event information: http://boroughmarket.org.uk/events

  • Initially the Regent Park was only for the royals but later it was opened for the public. Originally, this was the hunting ground for Henry VIII and today the park host number of shows, festivals and attractions, which are impossible to miss. Various food and music festivals pitch up here over the summer and rowing boat hire, bandstands, beautiful rose gardens (with some 30,000 roses and 400 varieties), tennis courts, ice-cream stands and eateries (including the delightful Garden Café) complete the picture.

  • The gates of the Buckingham Palace remain forever crowded, the reason being “The Change of Guards”. The age-old traditional ceremony has attracted scores of visitors over the years. At 11:00 am the old guard from the Buckingham palace changes to the new guard from St. James Palace. The ceremony is free to watch and currently takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

  • Harry Potter movies have given another high to Oxford and it’s universities. There are a lot of tour companies in the Oxford that organizes free guided tours, harry potter places tours, ghosts tours. Pick your favourite one, you will never go out of option.

  • While travelling by Train from London to Oxford – In the fall of 2017, standard round trip, off peak tickets were about £25, but much cheaper round trip fares are available when purchased as two, one-way tickets, well in advance.

  • The famous Wizard School of Harry Potter, and the famous dining hall is in The Chirst Church at Oxford. It is spectacular to look at and the stories makes it even more interesting.

  • If good food is what determines where you go, Oxford will not disappoint you. There are plenty of cafeterias all over the city, especially near the colleges. Ask around to find out which local pub to go to. There are also small food joints that serve different kinds of cuisine. I remember visiting an Italian place that served a killer pizza.

  • Carfax Tower (situated at the crossroads of Carfax and Cornmarket OX1) The Tower is all that remains of the 13th century St. Martin’s Church and still contains a ring of six bells, recast from the original five by Richard Keene of Woodstock in 1676. These chime the quarter hours and are rung on special occasions by the Oxford Society of Change Ringers.

  • The Bodleian Library is one of the oldest libraries in Europe, and in Britain is second in size only to the British Library with over 12 million printed items. This Library has got a copy of every paper printed anywhere in the world.

  • Gloucester Green Market, Oxford – have various options of stall and things to see as per the day you visit : Green Market: Every Wednesday 9am-5pm, Farmers’ Market: First and Third Thursday of every month 9am-3pm, Antiques and Collectors Fair: Every Thursday 9am-5pm

  • Museum of History of Science @ Oxford have the famous Einstein’s blackboard, this museum is much smaller than anticipated but full of interesting exhibits. Allow yourself 60 to 90 mins of your time to see this museum.


Hope this helps!

Coming up next …  3 Days in London & Day trip to Oxford Itinerary !

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